What is Medical Transcription?

Medical Transcription gives you the opportunity to have a real at-home career in the growing medical industry.Medical Transcriptionists (MTs) are specialists in medical language and healthcare documentation who interpret and transcribe dictation by physicians and other healthcare professionals regarding patient assessment, workup, therapeutic procedures, clinical course, diagnosis, prognosis, etc., editing dictated material for grammar and clarity as necessary and appropriate. [Source: AHDI]

Medical Transcriptionists may also be required to edit reports created with voice recognition software, a program which electronically translates dictations into text.

And, yes, you can work from home.

How much money will you make?

That is entirely up to you: Medical Transcriptionists are normally paid based on production, so speed and accuracy equals money. In other words, the faster you type and the more knowledgeable you are in Medical Terminology the more money you will make. There are several ‘tips’ which will help improve your speed. Building an extensive word list, using text expander software, and knowing how to effectively research a subject are a few examples of how to become a successful MT.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics states: “Wage-and-salary medical transcriptionists had median hourly earnings of $14.40 in May 2006. The middle 50 percent earned between $12.17 and $17.06. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $10.22, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $20.15.” Many MT’s are making well over $20 an hour.

          Why choose Medical Transcription?
    • Earn Great Income – up to $40k+ annually!
    • Job Security – Work in a growing industry
    • Flexibility – Choose your own schedule
    • Train at Home – Set your own pace!
    • Finish school fast – in months not years!
    • Placement – Choose a school who hires new grads!
    • A career that moves with you! Perfect for Military Moms!
    • A legitimate work-at-home CAREER!

You can HAVE IT ALL! Your family and an income – even a rewarding career!

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